Technology Department

Getting Assistance

If one of the technicians is emailed directly and that person is out no one may get your request for assistance until that technician returns.  When using the "help system", all technology staff are notified that a new request was entered.  Any of the technicians are able to address issue.

The "help system" also helps to identify trends.  All requests for assistance and provides statistics on when we need more staff or where they should be located. 

For Technical Assistance

ext. 1050

Technology Coordinator
Dr. Troy Stevens, ext. 1051

PIMS Specialist
Martha Alexander, ext. 1059

Technology Specialists

High School
Randy Carbaugh, ext. 1050

Middle School
Nathan Barnhart, ext. 1050

Elementary Schools
Casey Erickson, ext. 1050


Part Time
Swarup Patel, ext. 1050