History of the Shippensburg Area Senior High School

The start of the school year 1971-72 began a new adventure for the Shippensburg Senior High School. The new high school, which housed grades 10-12 was built at 201 Eberly Drive at a cost of $4,761,478. Prior to this, the High School was located at 101 Park Place the site of the current Shippensburg Middle School.

Dedication of the new school took place on October 17, 1971. The administrative staff consisted of: Dr. Frank L. Coffee, Superintendent, Dr. Harry Jacobs, Curriculum Director, Mr. George Bressler, Building Principal and Mr. Robert Hartz, Assistant Principal.

1972 - 1989

Mr. Samuel Norris

1989 - 2007

Dr, Frederick Shilling


Ms. Kristin Carroll, Acting Principal for Dr. Shilling

Aug 2007-Feb 2008

Mr. Bruce Levey, Acting Principal for Dr. Shilling

2008 - 2017

Mr. Bruce Levy

2017 - Present

Mrs. Deborah Luffy

During Mr. Norris’s tenure, the following served as Assistant Principal’s:






Mr. Robert Hartz

Mr. Leroy Sites

Mr. William Padamonsky

Mr. Rodney Young

Mr. Denton Spedden

Mr. Norris retired the summer of 1989 and Dr. H. Frederick Shilling became the Building Principal. His tenure was from 1989 until his death in 2007. During this time, in 1999, there was a building expansion and the high school then consisted of grades 9-12. A second Vice Principal was added during the 2000-2001 school year.

Assistant Principals serving under Dr. H. Frederick Shilling were:

1989 -1991

1991 -1992

1992 -1994

1994 -1999

1999 - 2001

2000 - 2002

2001 - 2005

Mr. Denton Spedden

Mr. Bruce Levy ( Acting Assistant)

Mr. Denton Spedden

Mrs. Bonnie Cornelius

Mr. Kerry Helm

Mr. Richard Reinsmith- who also served as Athletic Director

Ms. Kristin Carroll-replacing Mr. Kerry Helm, served as acting Principal for Dr. H. Frederick Shilling 2002-2003


2002 - 2003


2004 - 2007

2005 - 2007

Mr. Bruce Levy, Acting Assistant Principal for Ms. Carroll

Mr. Paul Tornow- replacing Mr. Richard Reinsmith, also Athletic Director

Mr. Bruce Levy, Acting Assistant Principal for Paul Tornow

Mr. Bruce Levy

Mr. Greg Miller, replacing Ms. Kristin Carroll

In August of 2007, Mr. Bruce Levy became Acting Principal while Dr. Shilling was on leave and Mr. Andrew Norton joined the team as Acting Assistant Principal in Mr. Levy’s place. Upon the death of Dr. Shilling, Mr. Levy became Principal in 2008 and Mr. Norton became the Assistant Principal. 2009 brought about another expansion to the high school with an addition of a wing to the building.

2008 - 2017

2005 - 2022

Mr. Bruce Levy, Principal

Mr. Greg Miller, Associate Principal

The current team of Administrators are:

2017 - Current

2022 - Current

2007 - Current

Mrs. Deborah Luffy, Principal

TBD, Associate Principal

Mr. Andrew Norton, Assistant Principal