Assessment Information

What is an assessment?
An assessment is a systematic process to measure or evaluate the characteristics or performance of individuals, programs, or other entities for purposes of drawing inferences.

What is the purpose of assessments?
The information gathered will assist in the design of learning environments which will help the students grow to their optimum developmental potential.

How will assessments be useful to our students?
The information obtained will be used to create or use curriculum appropriate for the students and aligned with the Pennsylvania Learning Standards, guide the design of instruction, the selection of materials, and assist in goal setting.

How will assessment information be useful to parents?
The information provided will inform families of appropriate expectations so that we can better work together to achieve the optimum potential development for each student.

What are the assessments for Pennsylvania?
The assessment system includes the Pennsylvania System on School Assessment (PSSA), the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment (PASA), the Pennsylvania Accountability System (PAS), the Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System (PVAAS), the Keystone Exams, Classroom Diagnostic Tool (CDT), and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). For more information please visit